Ensemble – Asibemunye (lyrics)

Eswatini Artists Ensemble – Asibemunye (lyrics)

Eswatini Artists Ensemble – Asibemunye (lyrics) Mp3 Download: Sahubs Music Most watch Youtube video song comes Eswatini Artists Ensemble 2020 songs, A South African rapper and producer and the Genre of Dance/Electronic and Afro Soul, who HAS been active over the years,

Eswatini Artists Ensemble – Asibemunye (lyrics)

Verse 1:

I see tears falling down your face

I see broken spirits searching for embrace

(Umawe aha)

I hear plenty voices crying out for healing

Ngibona l’tsemba liphela’ awukhoni kubambelela

In a time like this you can call me friend

And I’ll be there for you right until the end

(Umawe aha)

Lean on me in your time of need

Always remember, you can count on me

(Nginawe njalo )

Pre Chorus:

The future is in our hands

Let’s take a stand

[For a better tomorrow]

We can turn it all around

Flatten the curve to the ground

[For a better tomorrow]


We are one people living in harmony


(Be One)

[We are, We are, We are]

We are family, let’s stand in unity


(Be One)

[We are, We are, We are]

Verse 2:

Here’s a moment for the ones we’ve lost

(Umawe aha)

Sikhalela labalahlelwe, labalahlekelwe

But there will come a day, when the sun will shine again

And bring a smile on every face,

Together we’ll win this race


So when you feel all hope is gone

Just remember,

It’s dark before dawn

Inkunzi isematfoleni, as’ukumeni


Let it be known everywhere

Pre Chorus:


Chorus Adlibs:

Asibe Munye Ke, Africa

Africa Oh we are one

We are, we are, we are

We are family


Let’s show ubuntu, kubantfu


Ubuntu, kubantfu


[Iye Iye Iye, Asibambaneni] x4


Failure is not an option

We not letting up we haven’t lost yet

Don’t attack we need to back off

Take the foot off the gas for us to take off

We are, We are, We are

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