Jabu khanyile Songs & Album (2020)

Jabu khanyile Songs & Album (2020)

Jabu Khanyile was a South African singer and super vocalist from the band Bayete., Jabu Khanyile Songs has hit singles like “Sponky Ponky”, “Mbombela” and other songs. Jabu Khanyile performs under Genre of Jazz, Music of Africa, World and has made name for himself the south Africa Music industry, The artist has performed with the local and international act and other top artistes in the South African Music industry.

Jabu Khanyile is unique and has been on a top Chart on the south Africa Radio playlist over time and also in the lips of every South African

Here are the top 10 songs from Jabu Khanyile released. Feel free to suggest to the song below.

  • Hope
  • The Prince
  • Mbombela
  • Sponky Ponky
  • Umbele
  • Malo We
  • Zulu Man in London
  • Judgement Day
  • olota
  • Bakhethiwe
  • Zuluman in London
  • Pretty Face
  • Losi
  • Pay Day
  • Bakwa Khanyile
  • Judgement Day (Dance Mix)
  • Hiyo Lento
  • Take Your Time
  • Ten Times Love
  • Mind Your Language
  • Hope (Universal Voices Mix)
  • Mmalo-We
  • Malokazana
  • Gazette (Kazet)
  • Ungavumi
  • Ubhonso
  • Amangisi
  • Stokfel Jive
  • Umbele (Plegaria)
  • Ndi Phendule
  • Sboshwa
  • Jive Mot****a
  • Senzeni
  • Dances of the Ancients
  • Ungavumi (Don’t Agree To Kill Your Brother)
  • Zion
  • Mmalo We
  • A Woman Got a Right to Be
  • Black Mampatile
  • Amanazareth
  • Sponono
  • Hiyo Lento (Kentphonik Mix)
  • Amagoduka (Emigrantes)
  • Thimlela
  • Undoso
  • Sponono (Belleza Africana)
  • Ungavumi (Don´t Agree To Kill Your Brother)
  • Undoso (nombre de varón africano)
  • Amagoduka
  • Qula

Together As One (Live)

Jabu Khanyile – amatsheketshe

Mmalo We (African Woman) (Live)

Jabu Khanyile ft Don Gumbo: Ten Times Love.

Bayete and Jabu Khanyile – Africa Unite


Jabu Khanyile- Sponky ponky

Bayete and Jabu Khanyile – Mmalo-We Africa Unite

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