K.O: The Most Featured Artist On South African Radio


K.O is now currently the most Featured artist on South African radio.

Ntokozo Mdluli a South African hip hop artist, rapper, and songwriter from Soweto, Johannesburg. Who is Known as K.O. Under the Record label: Cashtime. who has released many hit songs like Supa Dupa PTY UnLTD · 2019, Skhanda Love, Delakufa, Mission Statement, He was a member of Teargas, a group that released its debut album titled K’shubile K’bovu in 2006, Wafa Wafa in 2008, Dark or Blue in 2009 and Num8er Num8er in 2012.

After been mute for and been accused of having faded out of the Music industry to becoming the most played artist on the radio. He is now king of the radio charts.

The Mzansi rapper is celebrating after his name appears five times in the top 50 of the radio monitor chart. He took to social media Handle to reveal to the Good news and been the first artist to achieve such a feat.


K.O has been on trend since the Covid-19 lockdown began. He always appears on Google trends, magazine covers also featured on hit amazing songs. His Current Trends was assumed to be the reasons why his name appears in various spots on the chart.