Kelly Khumalo – Jehova Motsamaise Lyrics

Kelly Khumalo – Undithatha Kancinci

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Kelly Khumalo

(feat. J F.L.O.)

Bathi sebekwenzile konke
Beng’khuluma kabi
Bathi bayangiqgiba
Kanti abazi ukuthi ngiy’ mbewu
Yomdali odale konke, eh
Asoze angilahla
Asoz’ angishiye
Uzohlala nami

Ujehova uhlale nam’…
Ujehova uhlale nami…
Asoz’ angishiye, hlala nami

Hlehlel’ emuva sitha, hey!
Ujehova uvumile
Izulu liyavuleka
Ziyehl’ ibusiso
Isitha sinqotshiwe
UJehov’ angeke angilahle
Asoz’ angisheye
Uzohlala nam’

Ujehova uhlale nam’
Sekukubi, hlala nami
Ujehova uhlale nam’
I can’t do it without you Lord
Ujehova uhlale nam’
Stay with me
Hlala nam’ Jehova
Ujehova uhlale nam’

[J F.L.O.:]
It’s been long minute, I’ve been walkin’ a hard mile
But I turn back now I might turn into a salt pile
So I keep forth, keep reachin’ abroad
Keep readin’ the sword, and keep believin’ in God
But God, my feet are exhausted, even breathin’ is hard
Losing sleep was unconsciousness, I eat I feel nauseous
Yet I don’t seek to conform, cause I’ve been deep in the problem
Y’all believe you are alive but you are walkin’ into your coffins
All your leaders are poison, You need to speak to the source
You need to put your hands together half six in the morn’
And my apologies to preachers that I am coming across
But when I come to the cross, I find my problems are solved
Funny I spent a couple of Gs on this Jesus piece
But jeez, I cannot believed that it don’t speak with me
It ain’t a feat I cannot defeat if He’s in lead with me
I need so much to believe, Kelly sing with me

(Hlala nami…)
Jehova hlala nami
Cause I’ve been my hands and knees for weeks and weeks
And I beg and I plead God please cease the tears
You said in Your word, You’ll never leave me nor forsake me
When I get up on that mic
And I let Jesus speak
I am king of kings
This here the victory speech, preach
Jehova hlala nami…
Hlala nami Baba, hlala nami…
If You believe, say…

Ujehova uhlale nam’
Ujehova uhlale nam’