[LYRICS] DJ Zan D – Why You Mad

DJ Zan D – Why You Mad ft. Gigi Lamayne

(Why you looking mad bruh)
I rap so good, I rap so nice, I rap so hood
(You looking kinda mad bruh)
I pull that trigger ’cause I’m that chick
My tongue gon click
(Why you looking mad bruh)

verse 1
Don’t touch my hair, bitch
Flow in the hair make corona in the hair dip
Feeling Mystique out the blue tryna makeshift
Still the only broad that can handle in the basement
Queen of the letters, the beginning ad the after tip
Towing like you rep this
While I’m drinking out my chalice
Like dripping out my castle
Feeling mink on the mattress
Like nigga look what happened
And it’s a bad habit like
(Why you looking mad bruh)
All up in your face like it’s Maybelline
Rapping so hard, I’m losing calories
Nigga why you choke, nigga why you smoke
Claiming he a prince but that nigga croak
It’s a real bore when you’re faking at me
Claim your money crowded but nobody clappin’
It’s provocative the shot that I do
They ask me how I really swing
I say Straight To Your Tooth

hook x 2

verse 2
Bring your boyfriend and his best friends too
Tell him he about to get that kung fu ooh
Kicked it and then acted like I’m Ling Xiaoyu
Call her international, the dollars came through
Gigi where you been, won’t you help us save the rap game
A song with Monada ’cause I struggled with the back pain
World on m y shoulder, every genre make that shit shake
Kicked it over there, Billiat, yo I’m back man
Versatility got me feeling mortality
Ain’t a real thing when you conversate with deities
Wallet getting fatter, won’t you put it on a diet please
I’m a hybrid with the music ’cause I ride the
(You looking mad bruh)
It ain’t my fault it’s a movement
And it ain’t my fault I’m the music
Mama put a pistol in my mouth from the cradle
Slay like I’m Cain, best believe that I’m able

hook x 2