[LYRICS] J Molley – I’m Good

[LYRICS] J Molley – I’m Good

J Molley – I’m Good LYRICS

Deep in the cut
Six feet underground
Eight stacks for the pants
Five bands for the belt
Five thotties at the crib
Moonwalking in that bitch

[Verse 1]
Heard all about your new money
Just never seen it in action
Not sure how much of it’s factual
I’ve only read it in captions
Heard all about your new bitch and back in the day I broke her back in
Backhand him if talk back at me hand him back to the rats

Only time you see me do lines is when I’m rocking Adidas
But I’m always rocking Nike
They send it to me for free
Sometimes you gotta sell your soul, that’s why I did certain features
Other than that, I don’t need em
Why join them when you can beat em?
Rolling with 12 and I ain’t talking bout the fucking police
Only time I’m switching up is when I switch up my dp
Swisher sweets smoking og in it with the fucking OG’s
They say words never hurt em so I got Stickx on the beat
This shit harder than stones
Break your bones, groundbreaking
Got em shaking like hoes
That haven’t had their fix of cocaine
Can’t delete your number, it wasn’t even saved up on my phone
You’ve got me dead wrong
So dead the body’s fucking decomposed

Get in for free like a pensioner, money old like Tina
The new age Jesus, I turner bitch into a believer
So many shots it’s like Chiraq when I order tequila
Obsessed with the underground music that bitch an eager beaver

My boys don’t like when I’m around
‘Cause when I see a girl I want
Know for a fact she out of bounds
I’m bound to get her bounded in my bed I’m pretty and famous
I’m pretty contagious and all my hoes are pretty and shameless

Ironic how these young boys wanna call my name out for clout
Meanwhile be on the phone calling me tryna hash this shit out
Guess these the life and times we’re living in
Typical cycle of the internet
Cause in person they always back peddling

Flyest kid you seen up on a poster
Red eye jedi weed is greener than Yoda
Grew up high off soda sitting on sofas
Dope boy I roll up doja faster than coasters
Ghosting bitches when they want closure
Told her bye no bipolar

Deep in the cut
Six feet underground
Eight stacks for the pants
Five bands for the belt
Five thotties at the crib
Moonwalking in that bitch

[Verse 2]
So what if I’m doing this shit and I don’t have direction
Success subjective, I got a different elective
Everyone wanna get mentioned
Everyone wanna get mentioned
I’m probably chilling somewhere in the hills
I’m getting too tired of attention

I ain’t stressing
I’m in the moment, life is a blessing
If I don’t get away from these bitches I might just run out of affection
Always neglecting
I got a hunnid messages on the text
She telling her friends they looking out for me at all these events

You cannot compare different investments we had drop like a 10 for this section
Different connections they got me through at border no questions
One question: how do you make all that money I seen you be flexing
Then I gotta ask if I caught a body would you look the other direction

The way I be getting these broads you would think that I had me a vision board
I should be up at the mental ward I’m doing crazy amounts like a winner should
If your homie ain’t having it with you the the fuck you is eating your dinner for?
They’d rather starve than share it
What the fuck is you winning for?

In a drop top coupe all white like cocaine
In a car no roof so stoned I feel Cobain
On the road to these riches I’m feeling hella ambitious
On the road to these riches I’m feeling hella amb…

These rappers my sons and I’m taking they bitches like Diddy I’m taking Ciroc to the kidney
Just got off a jet with Riky I’ll be back in a jiffy
I’m up in the mountains it’s lovely
I only come down when I’m called for a figure
The type that gets richer while you type on twitter

That’s blasphemy
Take your mouth and put some soap in it
Imma smoke it if there’s dope in it
Take off her clothes and I open it
Ride around town in a black tinted Benz
You would swear that the muhfucking pope in it
Climbing on me like a rope in it
Whip it out and I stroke while I’m choking it

If pull up I know shawty coming round
Get so fucked up I don’t know which way is down
So contagious shawty gon’ drop on the ground