Party With The English Mr JazziQ

Party With The English Mr JazziQ

Party With The English Mr JazziQ Tracklist

Party With The English JazziQ: Mr JazziQ launches his Party With The English Tracklist and reveals the release date for Mp3 Download Zip as part of the preparations.

The album features ten strong songs by Amapiano, each of which is a game-changer in the industry.

Mpura, Busta 929, MDU aka TRP, Kabza De Little, Lady DU, Boohle, Reece Madlisa, Zuma, and others contributed their best production work to the record.

Mr JazziQ continued to promote the album with songs like Woza, which features Lady Du, Kabza De Small & Boohle, and Picture Junkpark, which features Mpura & Fake Love.

He had mentioned that the track will be released on April 23rd, 2021. He releases the track list in advance of the album’s release.

  1. Mr JazziQ – Lerato ft. Mpura, Purple Mellow & Busta 929
  2. Mr JazziQ – Sebenzela Wena ft. The Majesties & MDU aka TRP
  3. Mr JazziQ – Woza ft. Kabza De Small, Lady DU & Boohle
  4. Mr JazziQ – Picture JunkPart ft. Mpura & FakeLove
  5. Mr JazziQ – Nomayini ft. Boohle & Mellow & Sleazy
  6. Mr JazziQ – Tshepi ft. Kay Invictus, Vic Typhoon, Mellow & Sleazy
  7. Mr JazziQ – Le Tin ft. Kabza De Small, Zuma & Reece Madlisa
  8. Mr JazziQ – Rockit ft. Soul Revolver, Mellow & Sleazy
  9. Mr JazziQ – Kunana ft. Soul Revolver & Koppz Avenue
  10. 1Mr JazziQ – PWTE ft. Soul Revolver, Mellow & Sleazy