Adrianne Lenker Net Worth: Musician

Adrianne Lenker Net Worth: Musician

Adrianne Elizabeth Lenker, born July 9, 1991, is an American musician. She is Big Thief’s lead vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter. Adrianne Lenker’s solo work is spare, brittle, and frequently deeply personal. Her label debut, Hours Were the Birds, which featured only a couple of backing vocalists and Lenker’s voice and acoustic guitar, was released in early 2014, the same year she began collaborating with guitarist/songwriter Buck Meek.

Adrianne Lenker net worth

Adrianne Lenker Networth
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Adrianne Lenker facts

Adrianne Lenker Facts
Genre Pop/Rock
Origin Plymouth, Minnesota
Member Of Big Thief


1. anything
2. not a lot, just forever
3. Zombie girl
4. Ingydar
6. two reverse
7. Indiana
8. half return
9. Jonathan
10. forwards beckon rebound
11. Dragon eyes
12. heavy focus
13. come
14. my angel
15. Kerina
16. Steamboat
17. terminal paradise
18. A Love of Some Kind
19. cradle
20. Angels
21. womb
22. To Violet
23. Hours Were The Birds
24. Lighthouse
25. what can you say
26. from
27. A Better Time to Meet
28. abyss kiss
29. blue and red horses
30. Miss Misty
31. I Still Hear You
32. Ruined
33. out of your mind
34. New York City
35. music for indigo
36. Gone
37. Snow Song
38. Butterfly
39. Money
40. Disappear
41. 10 miles
42. Row
43. mostly chimes
44. Yuki Onna
45. Ringing Bells
46. Carolina
47. Wallet
48. We Were Young
49. Dissapear
50. My Bliss

Adrianne Lenker FAQs

 How about Adrianne Lenker’s genre?

Adrianne Lenker: Pop/Rock

Net Worth How about Adrianne Lenker’s career start?

Adrianne Lenker started in 2000s – 2020s

Adrianne Lenker Member Of?

Big Thief

What are Adrianne Lenker music Styles?

Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Folk