Amapiano Sample Packs and Drum Kits

Amapiano DJ Split - One last time Amapiano Remix

Amapiano Sample Packs and Drum Kits

Check out this awesome new set of free Amapiano Samples for your music projects. Amapiano drum kits, Amapiano sample packs plugin, and Amapiano sound packs are all available for free download.

How To Install Sample Packs in FL Studio

It’s easy to integrate Amapiano sample packs and sound libraries into FL Studio.

  • Right-click on “Packs” and select “Open” as a quick way to figure out which folder you need to move the sounds into.
  • Once you’re in the folder, just drag and drop your sounds into it, and they’ll appear in the DAW’s Packs section.
  • Alternatively, you can drag and drop samples and sounds from Edison, the Playlist, and other sources directly into the file browser to the left of the DAW.

Free Jozi Echo (J.E) Amapiano Sample Pack

This is the sample pack for Jozi Echo’s Amapiano production (J.E).

Free Kabza De Small Amapiano Drum Kit – Download Pack

Check out these free Amapiano sample packs, which you can use to create songs similar to Kabza De Small’s.

Free Tribal Drums

Contained inside this pack.

  • 74 bongos
  • 138 congas
  • 10 cymbals
  • 143 kicks
  • 28 sticks and rims
  • 48 shakers

MDU aka TRP Sample Packs Download.

Check out these free Amapiano sample packs, which you can use to make music like MDU aka TRP. The sample pack includes loops for MDU aka TRP’s hit songs, such as:

  • Bambi’nja (Loop)
  • Can’t Get (Loop)
  • Confirm (Loop)
  • FTM9 (Loop)
  • Mjolo (Loop)
  • Private Skool Sample Pack (Loop)
  • Taking Notes (Loop)