Listen To Snakes Favour Me: The Performance Album by Tyson S.T

The Performance Album

Listen To Tyson S.T’s New Favour Me: The Performance Album’ Zip Download: Here is the latest body of work called Snakes Favour Me: The Performance Album. The 6 track body of work is straight-up rap music, Tyson also features the likes of DoouShii, Huey & Miles on here, Tyson is no “new face” to hip hop and has a long catalog of music to back him up and prior to the latest being drop, 

The Performance AlbumSongs

  • My Eyes C
  • Pocket Watching – Dooushii
  • This Ain’t Easy for Me (Al $ Interlude)
  • Eye Pull Up – Huey
  • A Rap Song
  • Blah-Blah- Miles