[LYRICS] Dibi – Famous (Remix)

[LYRICS] Dibi – Famous (Remix) ft. Reason & Sy

[Verse 1: Dibi]
I haven’t done this in a while now (Yeah!)
Got [?], I’m a fashionista with a style now
These [?] wannabe niggas need a time out
Who gon’ last longer, me or them?
Shit, I guess we gonna have to find out
What’s the point I’m making?
Your heart ain’t in it, what’s the point of chasing?
They call me the one like I joined the matrix
This is a game of luck, just toss the coin and chase it
Why’re you sleepin on me?
Can’t avoid the papers, getting bitches like it’s Californication
But we up in Jozi, everybody famous
Niggas trying to rob me for a higher status with the gang-gang
I’ve been kicking with your man, dang!
They telling me I tryed to copy you
Nigga, we ain’t even in the same lane
Oh please, everybody in it for the clout
Insecurities coming in and out
You ain’t all the things you saying you been about
Eastern Cape but the hottest in the south, nigga
[Chorus: Sy]

[Verse 2: ReasonHD]
I’ve been feeling out of place with everything that’s going on
I used to wanna hit the carpet, I just wanna be at home
Just give me some weed, some wings, a Sprite and I’m in my zone
You niggas is lucky, your bitch on my nuts
And I don’t wanna give a dog a bone (No!)
At seventeen I was on the road
Been in a Beamer since twenty-four
I’m thirty-two now, I’m a lil’ grown
By fourty-two, I need a bigger home
Don’t give a fuck about your favourite rapper
I be catching [?] for camera phone
Tell the illest nigga in your city not to come near me
I’m the anecdote
Call me Papa, I’m forever dope
Call me X, I’m next to W
[?] you niggas like periscope
‘Cause we were just live at the [?]
Tell the gossiping bitch I don’t wanna know
That a serious shit, I don’t never joke
Don’t ask me for pictures, I’m on the low
You’re attracting attention like camel toe

[Chorus: Sy]

[Verse 2: Dibi]
I’ve been procrastinating on this verse
Thinking I heard to make it like the first one
I’m a [?], I stack his face up in her purse
A hitter, I had to take it to the turf
Let the Eastern Cape own me
Thought about saving the game
I don’t need a cape on me
This coloured girl told me she don’t date homies
Unless they be famous, and she doesn’t know me
I told her, “Just give me a couple of months”
I got some family stuck up in the dump
I don’t date groupies, I’m fucking them ones
Don’t hit me up when I’m puffing a blunt
Who need the fame when you ain’t even got a pot piss in?
My parents been asking, I still got a lot to give em
My niggas know, they say “Dibi got the vision”
I told them “Let’s just plot a mention”

[Chorus: Sy]

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