[LYRICS] Stilo Magolide – Mozart

Stilo Magolide – Mozart

They said tell me where you been famo
Said I been on the road famo
Trynna get it with my bro’s famo
Trynna make my momma proud famo

[Verse 1]
They play along just to get along
Ain’t that shit crazy
I’ve been on my grind since the early days
They keep on forgetting
And now I’m on the road not going home till I’m good and ready
I need a big crib with a backyard, pool parties in the summertime
Sipping Sean Don when its down time
Sipperoni when its our time
Yall blow my lens game
My bank roll on Zuma
Whip game got two door with a model chick with mad brain
I know the shit sound insane but you hating niggas don’t phase me
In the hood they love my like Jay Z
Independent killing shit who me thats true
I’ma do my thing yeah yeah
And I ain’t playing nice no no