Matthew Fink Net Worth: Record producer

Matthew Fink

Matthew Fink is a South African record producer, audio engineer, and musician. It is thought He is related to “Christopher Fink” and the young actress “Micah Fink”. You may want to search online or consult social media profiles, news articles, or other relevant sources for the most up-to-date details.

Matthew Fink net worth

($1K – $1.5K)
Matthew Fink Networth
Khruangbin Networth 2024 Million
Khruangbin Networth 2023 Million
Khruangbin Networth 2022 Million
Khruangbin Networth 2021 Million
Khruangbin Networth 2020 Million

Matthew Fink facts

Intro South African record producer
Is Musician Record producer Composer
From South Africa
Field Business Music
Gender Male


Fink has produced the following artists (incomplete list)

  • 2005: Jim Neversink – Jim Neversink (Ent Entertainment); has Fink on accordion and guitar
  • 2006: Unspoken – Laurie Levine (Independent)
  • 2007: Beautiful Mornings (EP) – The Black Hotels
  • 2008: Shakey Is Good’– Jim Neversink (Radio Lava)
  • 2009: Films for the next century – The Black Hotels (independent release); with Fink on keyboards
  • 2011: Honey Badger – The Black Hotels (Sovereign Entertainment); with Fink on Keyboards
  • 2011: Tale of the Son – Tale of the Son (Deconstruction Recordings 2011) 
  • 2011: Guns and Money – Shadowclub (Just Music)
  • 2012: Songs from the Edge of the World – The One Night Stands (Sting Music)
  • 2012: The Dark Horse – Tailor (Just Music)
  • 2013 Abraham (EP) – Nakhane Touré (Just Music)
  • 2013 The Home We Built– Matthew Mole (Just Music)
  • 2013 Brave Confusion– Nakhane Toure (Just Music)
  • 2014 Trouble– The Anti Retro Vinyls (Just Music)
  • 2015 Serpente Masjien– Sannie Fox (Just Music)
  • 2015 We’re Still Running – Van T (Just Music)
  • 2016 “Let Me In” (Single) – Ramdaz (Just Music) – Co-Producer
  • 2017 “Butterflies” (Single) – Bianca Blanc (Just Music)
  • 2017 “Lost” (Single) – Ramdaz (Just Music) – Co-Producer
  • 2018 My Soul Got Stranger– Sannie Fox (Just Music)
  • 2018 Bianca Blanc– Bianca Blanc (Just Music)
  • 2019 “Come With Me” (Single) – Ramdaz (Just Music) – Co-Producer
  • 2019 Bianca Blanc – Deezer Sessions
  • 2020 The Medicine Dolls – Filth and Wisdom (Just Music)

Matthew Fink FAQs

How about Matthew Fink’s genre?


How about Matthew Fink’s career start?

Started in 1990s – 2020s

How about Matthew Fink’s record label?


What are Matthew Fink music Styles?

Alternative/Indie Rock, Chamber Pop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock