Most Trending South African Songs of April 2020

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Most trending South African Songs of April 2020: The music industry all over the globe is one of the largest financial sectors in any country with large returns to the economy. So many countries are now into music and quite a few of them are making it locally and globally, some of the countries that they are making it in music include the US, UK, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and the rest of them.

South African Songs

Coming down to Africa, music is one thing we can’t do without as it serves as healing to the soul and connecting to the positive vibes and feelings and this is made possible by the wonderful artists that the land of Africa has given birth to with God-given talents.

Out of the 54 countries that make up Africa, they are just a few of them who are doing incredibly well in the music industry both locally and international and of which some of them include the likes of Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana amongst others.

One peculiar thing about the African music industry is that it is diverse and has a lot type of music their artist can do ranging from different genres such as afrobeat, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, etc.

South Africa is gradually dominating the music industry in Africa and globally and they are considered the second-best in the music industry after Nigeria which is considered the first. The South African music industry has got some special talents like Nasty C, AKA, Black Coffee, Mi Casa, Tellaman, and the rest of them who are recognized globally.

These South African acts have been in the industry for over quite some years with full experience of how it feels to be in the music industry. They have never felt to be consistent and continually in releasing their hottest and latest jams year to year or month to month.

For the year 2020 just before the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of South African artists had released some really good jam of music for their fans which are now trending both in the country and outside of it. Therefore, in no particular order.

Here is the list of most trending South African Songs of April 2020

  • Ibhari – TNS Ft Lauqua
  • God mode – Ason ft Reason
  • Belela – ASAP Shembe ft fireman R5 and Enkei
  • Hyenas – J Smash
  • Suka – Dj Mapohorisa & Kabza De Small
  • Audio czzle – Audiomarc ft Nasty C
  • Uwrongo – prince kaybee
  • EMcimbini – Dj Mapohorisa & Kabza De Small
  • Do it better – 2 pm DJs
  • There they go – Nasty C
  • Whipped- Tellaman