Pernice Brothers Net Worth: Literary genre

Pernice Brothers Net Worth: Literary genre

Joe Pernice and his brother Bob established Pernice Brothers in Massachusetts in 1997, while Joe was playing with his band the Scud Mountain Boys. Later that year, the Scuds disbanded, and Joe shifted his musical concentration to the Pernice Brothers. Their first release on Sub Pop was the Monkey Suit 7″ in 1997, followed by the LP Overcome by Happiness in 1998.
Pernice and Linehan formed Ashmont Records in 1999.

Pernice Brothers net worth

Pernice Brothers Networth
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Pernice Brothers facts

Khruangbin Facts
Genre Alternative/Indie
Origin Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Record label Sub Pop, Ashmont


  • Overcome by Happiness (Sub Pop; CD; 1998)
  • The World Won’t End (Ashmont Records; CD; 2001)
  • Yours, Mine and Ours (Ashmont Records; CD; 2003)
  • Nobody’s Watching/Nobody’s Listening; Ashmont Records; live; CD/DVD; 2005)
  • Discover a Lovelier You (Ashmont Records; CD; 2005)
  • Live a Little (Ashmont Records; CD; 2006)
  • Goodbye, Killer (Ashmont Records; CD; 2010)
  • Spread the Feeling (Ashmont Records; 2019)


  • Australia Tour EP 2002 (Ashmont Records; live; EP; 2002)

Pernice Brothers FAQs

 How about Pernice Brothers’s genre?

Pernice Brothers: Alternative/Indie

Net Worth How about Pernice Brothers’s career start?

Pernice Brothers started in 1990s – 2020s

How about Pernice Brothers’s record label?

Sub Pop, Ashmont

who are Pernice Brothers group members?

Aaron Sperske, Bob Pernice, Joe Pernice, Mike Deming, Thom Monahan, James Walbourne, Peyton Pinkerton, Ric Menck

What are Pernice Brothers music Styles?

Alternative/Indie Rock, Chamber Pop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock