Acid Magus Net Worth: South Africa singer

Acid Magus Net Worth: South Africa singer

Acid Magus is an experimental rock band from Pretoria, South Africa. Doom, stoner, punk, psychedelic, and classic rock are all recurring themes. We are enormous admirers of rock legends (Zeppelin, Sabbath), stoner/desert rock behemoths (Kyuss, Sleep), and the tripped out psychedelic stylings of modern “psych” bands like Slift. Acid Magus draws inspiration from a wide range of fantastic music, from 60s Hendrix/The Doors to Hawkwind and Scorpion at their heaviest, all the way to pretty much anything inspired by Black Sabbath today.

Acid Magus net worth

$2.4K – $above

It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $1.4K – or More
Acid Magus Networth
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Background information

Acid Magus. Pretoria, South Africa

Acid Magus FAQs

How about Acid Magus’s genre?

Canadian hip hop, East Coast hip hop

How about Acid Magus’s career start?

Started in 1990s – 2020s

How about Acid Magus’s record label?

Hip hop

What are Acid Magus music Styles?

Hip hop, Canadian hip hop, East Coast hip hop