Reinhardt Buhr Net Worth: South Africa singer

Reinhardt Buhr Net Worth: South Africa singer

Reinhardt Buhr uses a live looping pedal to record his Spanish guitar, electric cello, electronic drums, and Australian didgeridoo, layering them until it sounds like you’re listening to a large instrumental rock orchestra, creating rhythms and vibes that cause restlessness in your body. Reinhardt Buhr Live Looping Multi-Instrumental One Man Band, Busker / Best Street Performance, EDM Deep House, Melodic House, ambient instrumental music.

Reinhardt Buhr net worth

$2.4K – $above

It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $1.4K – or More
Reinhardt Buhr Networth
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Reinhardt Buhr FAQs

How about Reinhardt Buhr’s genre?

Canadian hip hop, East Coast hip hop

How about Reinhardt Buhr’s career start?

Started in 1990s – 2020s

How about Reinhardt Buhr’s record label?

Hip hop

What are Reinhardt Buhr music Styles?

Hip hop, Canadian hip hop, East Coast hip hop