Desire Marea Net Worth: South Africa singer

Desire Marea Net Worth: South Africa singer

Desire Marea is a South African multidisciplinary artist whose tense, demanding work incorporates post-industrial, art rock, and dance music styles while exploring topics such as loneliness, trauma, displacement, and sexuality. Marea, a member of the performance art team FAKA, released his debut solo album Desire in 2020. On the Romance of Being, released in 2023, is a full band recording influenced by jazz and post-punk, in contrast to the largely electronic sound of the previous album.

Desire Marea net worth

$2.4K – $above

It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $1.4K – or More
Desire Marea Networth
Khruangbin Networth 2024 Million
Khruangbin Networth 2023 Million
Khruangbin Networth 2022 Million
Khruangbin Networth 2021 Million
Khruangbin Networth 2020 Million

Desire Marea FAQs

How about Desire Marea’s genre?

Canadian hip hop, East Coast hip hop

How about Desire Marea’s career start?

Started in 1990s – 2020s

How about Desire Marea’s record label?

Hip hop

What are Desire Marea music Styles?

Hip hop, Canadian hip hop, East Coast hip hop